This is my temporary portfolio. You may find here
some of my latests and current projects.
From design to development, from illustrations to
animation. Feel free to explore.

3D engraving illusion made with html, css, svg and js.
Web sites, web pages, cool coded elements and more.
10 years of newsletters html templates and designs.
Portraits, atmosphere, home decor and more.
Logos, an award-winning poster and more.
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graphic design
Music videos, company
in-house videos and more.

My story

Hi there, I am Aya, an experienced UI developer and animator. As a UI developer I am fascinated by both form and usage, both design and development. This perspective enables me to see the full picture and scope of complex projects. In recent years I worked extensively with SVG and enjoyed seeing the full potential of animation, illustration and coding. (it’s good that these are my three favorite things)